Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Mosaic Blog-Day 362!

I have been blogging just a few days shy of a year!

It has been a challenge to blog each Monday. But for the most part have
been able to do that (except this month).

I have to say that blogging has helped me stay focused on continuing to educate myself with mosaic art. I have completed several mosaics, tried some new techniques, learned how to work with Smalti, how to use a hammer and hardie, understand value when using smalti, had four of my pieces in a Gallery, completed a larger "Call to Art" challenge, along with getting my first commissioned piece in a hospital!

So...on to this next year. My plan is to blog the 1st of each month, continue with ending my blog with a "plan for the month" along with a "quote of the month". This will start September 1st.

On to my next piece-
I heard some good advice awhile ago and will always remember it.

"Treat each mosaic as a commissioned piece even if it is for yourself."

so, I have started a new piece with that thought in mind.
I've had a sketch for awhile and took it out the other day while listening to beautiful guitar music and sitting out by the lake decided to play around with changing some things on it.
This is an abstract using shapes/constrasting color/different values/hints of music within.
I'm planning on using just Mexican Smalti. This will be my challenge for the month of September. I normally don't use one material and this is more straight lines/abstract compared to my other work. I would love to complete this in time for a show coming up.

I made a "key" to help with what colors of Smalti to use in the different areas.

I also made a sketch drawing out different andemento to help with the shapes and direction I want the Smalti to flow.

My Plan until September 1st

-get the Smalti colors that I need on order

-Prepare the 24" x 24" substrate and get the design drawn on

-Start adhering

Last Quote of the week

"With education and hard work it really does not matter where you came from; it matters only where you are going." -Condolezza Rice