Monday, November 1, 2010

November Mosaic Blog

It's officially SAMA sign up time! I was able to get into the workshops that I wanted and was so nice to sign up online. I'm looking forward to working with Emma Biggs in her workshop, "Mosaic and Pattern: Meaning, Complexity and Repetition". Also with Sophie Druin in her workshop, "Combining Stone and Blenko Glass in Modern Mosaic". I also signed up for the Austin Mosaic Tour. This will be my 3rd convention! I'm sure I'll come home with my head swimming with all the info :)

This month I did complete one of my goals. I finished the counter/bar installation piece!! I'm very happy with the colors and design along with the black grout I chose. The issue I'm having is that the grout is a little "bumpy" in places. I'm thinking of taking my dremel tool and cleaning up the grout more. Hopefully this will take care of the problem :( I should have split up the grouting into smaller increments, the grout was drying very quickly and hardening which made it difficult to clean. I'm used to doing smaller pieces, I'll have to ask some of my mosaic pals what the best way to go at this next time.

I was not able to finish my other piece and still am plugging away at it. The name for this piece will be "Mundo de la musica" (A world of music) I thought I'd go with a Spanish title since this is all done in Mexican Smalti. I am still finding it difficult to stick with one material throughout this whole piece and have to admit I'm looking forward to using stained glass, beads and ceramics again for my next piece.

Plan for the month

November 10th- MMG meeting at tile studio-we are making our own tiles

November 15th-Art Guild meeting-challenge of the month and still life

Start a new piece to get into the Arts in Harmony Show (due date Dec. 3rd!)

Finish "Mundo de la musica"

Quote of the month

"Our way is not soft grass, it's a mountain path with lots of rocks. But, it goes upwards, forwards, towards the sun." -Dr Ruth Westheimer