Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monthly Mosaic Blog

August was a busy month. I did make it up north by Lake of the Woods area with a few friends and of course I had to make them stop in Bemiji to take a look at some mosaic work. I thought since we were passing through it would be nice to take a look at the new Bemiji Regional Event Center and see Barbara Keiths designs. They are beautiful and it goes through the whole center! It is a design for the 15,000 sq ft epoxy terrazzo floor. It was well worth the stop to see!

I did not get time last month to finish my birch tree piece, but I have been trying to get a 1/2 hr to a couple hours a day to work on it. I just finished all the leaves today-A LOT of cutting and grinding so far. Hopefully it all works out, and I finish it within a week and a half! The background is going to be mostly blues so the yellow, orange and reds will really stand out. Not sure on grout color yet.

Here is a design that I am looking forward to working on soon. I am thinking it would be interesting as a monochromatic piece-in white. The idea came from a pottery piece I have.

My next big challenge is a piece I am making for a friend. She wants me to do a mosaic (2D) of her springer spaniel. I have been looking at different artists works and the artist I liked the most was Donna Van Hooser. She has done quite a few dogs and they are absolutely beautiful! I love her color choices along with the andemento. I have been in touch with her through CMA and she was nice enough to give me advice on how to go about this project.

Just an FYI-I have been listening to different podcasts once in awhile on my walks. One that I really enjoyed lately and found very inspirational is "Art and Soul radio". The host interviewed Pam Carriker who recently wrote a book called Art at the speed of Life. I found her very motivating to listen to and her interview gave me a few things to think about and stay motivated with my artwork.

Plan for the month

-FINISH birch tree piece

-clean up space inside my house to have for my drawing supplies

-Take pictures of friends springer spaniel and get that ready to start on the mosaic

-still would like to do a couple more mini mosaics

-go visit a few galleries/museums

Quote for the month

"There is no greater harm then that of wasted time". -Michelangelo