Friday, March 1, 2013

Monthly Mosaic Blog

I took some time off this month to get some sun but it definitely put me behind schedule.  Sometimes we need a breather to get away and rejuvinate.  I always come back refreshed with new perspectives and my creative juices in overdrive.  I have been working pretty steady the last week to try and get my next mosaic complete.  My goal is to get this one done by Monday the 4th-hum,quite the challenge.  I found the orange area hard to get the right color I wanted so resorted to putting in some smalti.  Grouting will definitely take awhile since I have so many levels of tesserae within this.    I also had to take out an area and redo it since I did not like how flow around the red flower.  Once again, I am excited to grout it to see it all come together. 

My next mosaic is still in the thought process.  I am thinking of a moon garden theme or White on White with pattern and texture since I have been playing around with some Zentangle designs.  It will be for the SAMA Salon.

Goals for the month
-Finish flower mosaic- of course
-Sketch and start on SAMA mosaic
-Help with a local art event-our art guild is having an art show/cinema night at our local theater and they are playing "Surviving Picasso" with Anthony Hopkins
-Help with set up for our Minnesota Mosaic Guild at the Hopkins Center for the Arts and attend the Opening on March 7th.

Quote of the month
"The artist is nothing without the gift,but the gift is nothing without the work."   -Emile Zola