Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monthly Mosaic Blog-September

I'm starting a new chapter in blogging. I'll be blogging once a month. This will help me stay focused on my goals along with letting others know what I have been up to in the "mosaic world". I'll blog the 1st of every month.

My latest project is going okay so far-still getting used to using/cutting the Mexican Smalti. I absolutely love the texture and variety of each of the colors. I have been trying to use the hammer and hardie along with the wheeled nippers. My goals for this piece is to make it all with Mexican Smalti, which is not a normal way I work since I love using all different kinds of materials but thought this would be something to try out. I found out as I was laying the Smalti down to intermix the different shades so the areas do not look so "flat". It helped give each area more dimension.

I'm thinking of calling this piece "guitar meditation". I love listening to Govi's guitar music which was an inspiration for the piece, along with an artist whose work I liked.

It is an abstract with several hints of guitar shapes. I'm using earth tone colors because I'm making it for an entryway which these colors would fit in well. The size of the piece is 24"x 24".

My Mosaic/Art Goals for the month are:

Finish "Guitar Meditations"

Sketch my next piece

Attend the MMG opening/meeting

Attend the BCA meeting

Quote for the month

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." -Gladys Bronwyn Stern