Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 334-Monday Mosaic Blog

My family and I have been having a "brilliant" time in London-so much that I did not get time to blog the last two Mondays. I would highly recommend a holiday here it is lovely!
We did see many sites that had mosaics but they would not allow picture taking. The National Museum and St Paul Cathedral to name a few. The Mosaics at St Paul Cathedral were amazing! I did take a few pictures of other mosaics. Here is one from our boat cruise through the canals. The picture of course does not do it justice since it is very sparkly from the mirror that was used.
Here are some pictures of Emma Biggs Mosaics in the Canary Wharf area it was so nice to see them in person-If you read about them on her site she explains her process-which I would like to try sometime. There were 13 different squares that were along the walk. This is one of the mosaics that I loved. The other ones were in a passage way near the Jubilee Mall.

Her mosaics are very inspiring-tried to get into a workshop with her but for some reason she never responded-oh well.

I'm looking forward to getting back home and into my studio now that I'm done with some of my big projects and filled with ideas from all our travels.

Plan for the week (back to work again-ha)

  • Tuesday-Wednesday-Still in London and traveling home
  • Thursday-Sleep and laundry
  • Friday-Get back to studio and figure what to work on next
  • Saturday-Opening event at the hospital where commission piece is located.
  • Sunday-Monday-Hopefully start adhering , drawing and blogging!

Instead of a quote for the week I'm putting down a book for the week (I've been enjoying reading this during our stay here)

"The Razor's Edge" by W Somerset Maugham

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 313-Monday Mosaic Blog

I'm done with the hospital project! I learned a lot by doing this.

-how to bid a mosaic

-how to manage my time

-how to decide on grout when not sure

-backgrounds and what to do with them

Here's a write up that the hospital wanted to have next to the piece,

(I found this a little difficult to do

"Sweet Child of Ours"

This piece of mosaic art represents the positive energy within a family.

The "baby" flower has colors (DNA) from both parents and just a bud ready to bloom

The "mother" flower is grouwing from the "v" shape between the hills and that is to represent the female form. Also notice that I gave her a pearl necklace, since most mom's love pearls.

The "father" flower is standing tall and proud protecting his family

The dragonfly represents the positive force in life.

The title came from the thought that these lowers also looked like lollipops which then led to a candy like feel thus the word "sweet".

My hope for this piece is to remind us to keep the energy positive within our families and that we live life together to the fullest and be proud of who we are.

I thoroughly enjoy working with such a textural medium. It's fun to bring "life" to so many different materials and have them work together in harmony.


So now that I'm done with some big projects, I'm taking 3 weeks off of working on mosaics. My family and I have decided to go to London for 3 weeks!!! We are very excited and I will still be blogging on Mondays about differents mosaics I've encountered on our trip. I did ask Martin Cheek and Oliver Budd where some mosaics to see in London. Also I'll blog on some other interesting things we see along the way.

I'm sure when I get back at the end of July I'll be wanting to get back to the studio again to finish some mosaics that have put on hold.

Quote of the week

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away." -anonymous