Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 105

December 8th, 2009

Today I started mosaicing my "welcome" sign. I'm using WEDI Board as a substrate-I was told to use thinset on the sides to make them strong and not dent-so I did that. I like to put borders around my pieces first to give me an edge to mosaic in. I like the rectangle ceramic pieces from Wits End. I'm going to be using mostly stained glass for this and some mirror for the letters.

I had some thinset leftover so I worked on my birdbath that has been neglected in my studio (I've had other things I have been working on) It was nice to get most of the base done. One tip I learned about was to put a dollop of Weldbond in the thinset to make it a little creamier to workwith also to keep stirring it so there you get more "open time".

I finally put the rest of the silver beads on my daughter's Fleur Di Lis piece and finished that.

I have been also busy getting ready to teach another class in my studio and have some gals have some studio time to work on mirror's or trivets.

Quote of the day

"Without a free, vigorous and creative mind, man is but an animal, and he will die like an animal, without any shred of a soul".

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