Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 97

Day 97 of my mosaic year!

December 1, 2009

Well I took some days of because of Thanksgiving and some other commitments.

So back at it!

I have been spending some time on organizing my studio a little more. I cut down some large sheets of stained glass and put them in containers to organize by color. I also hung my latest piece "classy blue" in a window.

I've had a roadblock with my installation piece "counter/bar" the plywood piece that I had all cut and painted may be too thick-so I'm still figuring out what thickness and how much tile I need and since I do not have the frame here I have to wait til Thursday when I am on site to figure that out.

Soo.....I started a project that I have been wanting to do-a Welcome sign for my studio. It took a few hours to come up with a design and colors that I like but I think what I came up will work out nice. I thought I'd have this project going since I can't work on the other one everyday.

Quote of the Day (I'm reading this book right now)
"When you begin to feel the Universal rythm in which everything on earth moves, you begin to understand life." -Lust for Life by Irving Stone
Song of the Day
Fantasy Impromto

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