Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 88

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This weekend I finished mosaicing/grouting my picture frame. I used a premade frame, used stained glass, ceramic tile, mirror, marbles and some metal charms. It took me 11 hours from start to finish-it was a fun little project to do. This will be a nice present for our art guild gift exchange.

I've also been working on sealing the plywood for my 1st attempt at an installation project. I've been sketching how I want the andemento to layout and still are deciding on what looks best-this may take awhile. I bought some tiles at Mosaic on a stick (Laurie is soooo helpful there) she showed me the best ways at cutting the tiles. It's nice to know these tips since I normally use stained glass in my projects.

Here's a pictures of the space for the installation (with the metal frame installed-waiting for the mosaic) and the plywood substrate. I used kilz to seal the top and painted the bottom black. It is 8'7" long and 23" at the deepest part. I'm thinking of using the direct method since I'll be working on site.

Quote of the day
"The soul speaks its truth only under quiet, inviting and trustworthy conditions."
-Let your life speak

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  1. You are doing such wonderful things! If you need any help in your installation.... I would be happy to help!