Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 81!

Sunday November 15, 2009

Today I finally finished mosaicing my piece. I'll probably grout it tomorrow.
I like how the andemento turned out-I was not sure if it would be interesting enough by just using white in the background but I think there is enough interest with the different shades of white. The biggest challenge on this piece was getting it to be symmetrical-it ended up being a little off in the flower area - hopefully by grouting it won't make that area stand out even more.

My next project is a small one-I belong with the art guild in my area and we are getting together next month for a holiday party and we need to bring a piece of art to exchange. I was thinking of mosaicing an interesting picture frame in a monochromatic color theme. I don't think it will take long and may even be fun doing a small piece.

Quote of the day
"Because you do only get one life, and if someone can give you a tour of a road not taken, why would you not seize the chance." -Ann Marie MacDonald

Song of the day
"Regrets" by Mendelson (it's one that I've been practicing on the piano and has wonderful emotion to it)

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