Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 69

November 3rd 2009
Wow I can't believe I have not blogged in 11 days!

My class went very well. Everyone really enjoyed it and were a little overwhelmed with all the information-I am still that way! It was 2 Saturdays the 1st one I gave them a handout with all the information I typed up and called it ,"Mosaic Basics 101 class". Talked about Tools, Tesserae and Technique. They then started working on thier mosaic on glass, using a variety of tesserae.

The second saturday they grouted-I was so impressed that they all finished! They all looked great! One gal though was having issues with her pieces lifting while grouting-the pieces were very jagged on the bottom so we were thinking that the pieces just did not adhere properly-I sent her home with more stained glass and I'm sure it will turn out great after because she had such a nice design going.

I am still working on my piece-just started the background I am doing the ademento in Opus musivum style. I wanted to have this finished at the end of October-Oh well. I also have my daughters piece almost done, I ran out of metal beads that are going on all the diamond corners.

Just wanted to say good luck on the CMA's Competition 7 to all who participated!! It will be fun to read the comments.
Quote of the day
"Look at what you love to do. Look at what brings you joy. Look at what gives you peace. There is your calling, waiting for you to imbrace it."
Song of the day
"Gymnopedie No 1" it is a beautiful piano piece I have on my Ipod.

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  1. Wow, Suzanne! The colors of your new mosaic are delicious! Congrats on your class.... your students did an impressive job!