Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monthly mosaic blog

I'm entering my blog a little early since I'll be busy with Spring Break starting tomorrow.

My studio has not been visited by me much this month, but I have accomplished a few things.

I'm almost done with my mosaic 12 x 12 for our Haitian project. It was suggested we use primary colors since thoses colors are important in Haitian art. I just have the background to finish which will be blue and white. I'm excited to see everyone's square and have it all put together!

I finished my sample mosaic that I started in Emma Biggs class-I was working on the different "layers" of mosaics and the effect it can bring to a piece. Also I considered the 2 to 1 ratio when coming up with an idea for the composition. I just need to grout this and thinking of using gray. I would normally use brighter colors but she just had duller colors in the class to work with. I do like using the matt ceramics. I have not used them too much.

Also this month we visited the King Tut exhibit-I was amazed at the detail of thier art 3000 years ago! I loved the detail on the utilitarian vessels they created. I decided that it would be fun to sketch up some for a mosaic. This is one of three I came up with. Hopefully I get to this mosaic in April. I'm looking forward to trying some techniques on the border that Laurel Skye uses in her work.

Goals for the month

Finish 12 x 12 voodoo flag

grout sample piece

decide on colors for current leaf project

start on egyptian vessel

attend the MMG meeting

Quote for the month

"We attract into our lives what we think about the most, believe in most strongly, expect on the deepest level, and imagine most vividly."

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