Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monthly Mosaic Blog

How exciting to have the Grid Project Done!  We had the unveiling of the squares at our November meeting.  This project is made up of eighteen 11 x 11 squares and is based off of a picture taken of the Rustic Garden business in Buffalo.  The squares will be adhered to a black board and will become a community art display.  This was definitely a challange to do in mosaics. Glad I decided to be part of this.  My square is in the 2nd row on the right hand side.
Here is my square up close next to the picture I had to work from.  It is fairly close to the colors.  Fun to see them side by side.
Here is my rosebud finally finished!  This was from a class I took with Yulia Hananson at the Cape Cod Mosaic School.  It is based off one of my pictures.  I ended up using a gray grout, which looks okay.  Next time I might use a white grout for the large white areas.

Well I am getting closer to being done with my sunflower mosaic.  I am glad that the look I was going for is working, wanting the "leaves" to appear to be at different heights and closeness.  I think for the background I will have different white glass along with different andemento within it.  Hopefully that will look okay.  Decisions, decisions...

Goals for the month of December
-Finish sunflower piece
-Start on piece for the SAMA Salon
-Sketch up a design for my sister and brother-in-law.  They would like me to do a mosaic for their home.

Quote of the month
"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."    -Thomas Merton

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