Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 166

February 8th, 2010
I am excited to get my piece grouted and ready for the SAMA Salon. The title for this is "Nature's Sonata". I used black grout and like how it turned out.

This has a lot of my favorite things in it, music, water, sunflowers, birch trees and a moonlit night.

On Friday this week I had about 5 hours to work on the counter/bar project. I only have time to work on it once a week so it has been a slow process. I can't get over how long the crazy paving areas take to do. I'm pretty picky on making sure the pieces fit together well and to not get too many "grout rivers". I still need to hunt for the brown tile that I need for this.

My smalti class that I have been taking with Connie Cohen has been fun. The most challenging part has been making sure that I have a contrast of values. I am doing a bleeding heart plant from a photograph I took last summer. I do wish I had the bright pinks that I was looking for but hard to get with glass. I'm working more with the purples and reds.

Plan for the week
Tuesday - Smalti Class
Wednesday-Work on new project and shop for brown tile
Thursday-Work on counter/bar
Friday-Work on counter/bar
Saturday-day off or get ready for mosaic group
Sunday-12:00-5:00 Mosaic group coming over.
Monday-Work on new project.
Quote for the week
"Earth laughs in flowers"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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