Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Mosaic Blog-Day 159

February 1st, 2010

I can't beleive I am finshed adhering my piece I'm considering for SAMA.
I am going to call it "Nature's Sonata"
I was not sure of a lot of things going into this project.

Not sure how to:
-do the moon
-make the birch tree
-how to go around the leaves
-what to do with the bottom left area
-decide on colors

This was a challenging mosaic for me, I am glad I am at this point and am looking forward to grouting. I'll grout with black grout which I will do tomorrow afternoon then hopefully have time to get it submitted for the SAMA salon!

What I was looking for in this was to give a feeling that nature can be poetic and musical. I was thinking of Beethoven's Sonata in C (Moonlight Sonata). Also to put in the things I find beautiful, sunflowers, birch trees, a full moon , music and water.

My next project!

I will be coming up with a design for my dad and stepmom's bathroom that they just finished redoing. They want it 18" high x 30" long (max.) They want more of an abstract landscape. I have a picture of their bathroom where it will go and what tile colors they used. I'll probably incorporate some of the small tile squares into the piece.
Plan for the week
Tuesday-Smalti class. Grout "Nature's Sonata"
Wednesday-Clean and organize studio, maybe start design for next project.
Thursday-Work on counter/bar project
Friday-Work on counter/bar project
Saturday and Sunday-Start on next project, figuring out tile colors etc.
Quote of the week
"Achieve your own beauty, as the flowers do."
-D.H. Lawrence

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