Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Mosaic Blog-Day 229

The weather this week has been so nice, it's been hard to be inside working the last few days.
I had my local mosaic group together on Friday. One gal finished adhering her piece and it looks so nice, I'll take a picture of it next time when she grouts it. The other two ladies are doing such a nice job also-it's fun to see how different each piece is and what colors they like to use in thier pieces.

I took my Smalti piece home from my Tuesday class so I could make a little more progress. It seems to be taking me a while to get used to cutting the smalti and making the pieces fit together closely. Also it takes awhile to figure out the different shades and where to place them. I am enjoying it though and learning a lot. I just would like to finish it before the class is done in a few weeks.

Today I finished sketching the peacock feather design and decided to go with a black background. I think I am going to use a lot of Karma tile and might even bring in some metal that I received from the tesserae exchange at SAMA. Not sure yet on all the materials until I get going on it. This will just be a small piece

8 x 13-3/4".
Plan for the week
Tuesday-Smalti class
Wednesday-Work on sketch for bathroomand start to figure out materials for peacock feather, Mosaic Guild meeting at night.
Thursday-Work on counter
Friday-Work on bathroom piece
Saturday-work on peacock feather
Sunday-Day off
Monday-Work on bathroom piece
Quote for the week
"The divine is there for all of us to see, reflected in the world's beauty, like clouds in the stillness of a lake." -Jonathan Borges

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