Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monthly Mosaic Blog

With missing a month of blogging I have a lot to share this month. First I'll share the latest mosaics I have finished.

This one is a study I did for a larger piece I would like to do for our bedroom-I love the style of the prints I have seen for the Jacobean flower so thought I would of course try it in a mosaic. I love blue and green together and I pulled in colors from a rug we have. As far as the process of this, I thought I would break free from my glass grinder and not use it at all! (how scary-since I love to have my shapes perfectly round,ha) I think the overall look is just fine, a good lesson. Also I was not real hip on using just white grout but since most of the mosaic is white it pulls together nicely.

This was another 8 x 8 study I did-which is a nice tip to try a mosaic idea on a small scale first.
I love circles and thought this composition pulled together nicely. The substrate is plywood and I framed it with 1/4" x 1" tiles I get from Wits End. I like doing this so that the tesserae have something to butt up to. Now deciding colors (which I have the hardest time with) I drew up many different color ideas and this was the winning decision. I like the double complementary colors and the warm/cool together. I also like the flow of the andemento I used. I would like to try this larger now with a different color theme. I used black grout , my favorite with bright colors!
Now for a 12 x 12 study for the CMA music competittion. I wanted to bring in nature and music together. Within the piece I wanted a harp, guitar and piano along with the moon, tree and water. I tried a complementary color theme with orange/blue. I like how the tree is the harp and cirles around to keep your eye moving around the piece. I used many different materials. I think if I do attempt this larger I will just use one type of material. The grout color I decided what natural gray. I was a little nervous how it would turn out with the white moon, but once again I find I do like one color of grout throughout a piece-I feel it gives it a cleaner look. It's also less of a hassle. I am calling this piece "Acoustic Moonlight".

Well, another new event is coming up. I decided to have some of my mosaics for sale at a local gallery. I start May 1! So...needless to say I have been wanting to figure out how to work a little faster and make some small mosaics to sell there for a reasonable cost. I am really looking forward to it.
Goals for the month
-Start next music mosaic piece
-Finish two small mirrors to sell
-Get new business cards made
-Get larger photos printed and put into a portfolio
-Go to MMG meeting
Quote of the month
"There is nothing better than being yourself" -Christina Fernandez de Kirchner

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