Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monthly Mosaic Blog
I have had a wonderfully productive month in April.  I finished 3 smaller mosaics and started a 24" x 24" music themed mosaic to enter into the CMA competition.  
Also thanks to my friend Dawn Elliott I was able to have some beautiful business cards made along with a classy looking website.  She did an amazing job! 
The reason for the push to get all this done is that I am going to be selling my work in our local art gallery.  I start this Thursday and I am looking forward to displaying and selling my work in an environment with such wonderful artists.

Here is the 1st mosaic.  I was able to get it completed except for the grouting which I will do tomorrow, in 7 hours. I bought a few canvas boards at Dick Blick and thought I would try mosaicing on them.  It is a nice substrate to try out and they were on sale.  I just used stained glass.  What drew me to this mosaic is that I love the blue and green colors and just wanted to use them to make a samller mosaic to sell at the Gallery

Here is another Torii Gate mirror I finished to sell at the gallery.  I will be grouting this one tomorrow also.  I guess it will be a grout day tomorrow.

Now onto my 24"x24" music mosaic that I am working on.  I have had this sketched for a few months and finally figured out a plan for colors.  I am using different tones of each color so it looks like a spotlight is shining down on the instruments.  Once again I hope this turns out, but I guess its the journey of each piece that we make that helps us continue to develop our technique.  I am using wedi board as a substrate and for materials-stained glass, karma glass, beads, vitreous tiles and sunshine tiles.

I am looking forward to another productive month learning and growing in mosaics.
Plan for the month:
-Get my space at the gallery all set up
-Work a few times in the gallery
-Finish Music piece and enter it into CMA
-Finish a fish mosaic

Quote of the month:
"What is passion?  Passion is surely the becoming of a person."
-John Boorman

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  1. Suzanne, You certainly have had a busy month. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring!
    It was a pleasure to work with you on your website. www.sdmosiacs.com

    XOXO Dawn