Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly Mosaic Blog

Happy July!  I am amazed how quickly these months go by.  I was able to meet my goals I set for myself for the month!  I finally finished my Koi mosaic.  This is a 12 x 12 on Wedi board.  I used stained glass and vitrious glass for the body and the water in the background was vitreous glass.  I used Karma for the swirls-thought that would help them stand out more.  This is obviously a complementary color theme-I seem to be using a lot of blue and orange in my work lately.  I did frame it in a floating frame.  The adhesive I used was gorillas glue to adhere into the frame but I would NEVER use that product again for that purpose.  When it dried it foamed up and I had to go in with my tools and scrape it all out of the inside of the frame along with scraping it off the back.  I will definitely use liquid nails next time.  This one will be going in the Buffalo Art Gallery for a few weeks, then if it does not sell I may put it in the Stillwater show July 20th.

This next one is going to be a tryptich and will hang the long way. I still have the one square left to finish.  This will be sold as a set at the Buffalo Art Gallery also.  I thought it would be fun to do a small monochromatic piece again.  The squares are only 3" x 3".  I have the wave pattern running through the tryptich.

This is a sketch of a larger piece that I have been wanting to do.  I drew it up a few years ago and found it again.  This was a study about Picasso's cubism and I thought instead of straight lines I would use rounded ones.  I would love to give "birth" to it as a mosaic.  I am still figuring out colors and what type of materials I would like to use.  Not sure where I want this to go yet.  I apologize for the direction of this picture it is meant to have the birch tree off to the left.

Another thing I have been doing this month is listening to my Podcasts when I go for my walk.  It is a great way to learn and get motivated creatively.  My favorite art blog right now is called Art and Soul radio.  It is such a nice way to listen to what other artists are doing and what keeps them inspired and motivated.  I usually pick up a few good tips each time I listen to it. 

Goals for this month
-finish tryptich
-change out pieces in the gallery
-get items ready for the stillwater show
-start on my new design
-finish another smaller mosaic for the gallery
-Attend a mosaic workshop at the Cape Cod Mosaic school with Julia Hananson!  (I am all signed up and can't wait to work with her)  We are working on flower mosaics.

Quote of the month
"All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself.  All you have to do is be still and take time to seek for what is within, and you will surely find it."
-Eileen Caddy


  1. Congratulations for meeting you goals. Well done!I love the Koi and look forward to seeing the finished triptych. Thanks also for that quote..I'll hold on to that one.

  2. Yippee skippee!
    I found your blog- not only are you an accomplished Mosaicist, but also a Techno wizard too! I am envious!
    OK, here's my question...WHERE is the birch tree in your drawing? ?? I'm befuddled! But, rest assured, that seems to be my common state lately ...
    Thx. For getting info together for the church field trip-wonderful job- I can do either date and 9:30 is not an issue for me!