Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monthly Mosaic Blog

I will be away from my computor for about a week and did not want to miss mentioning on my blog everything that has been taking place in July.  I did finish my "Orange Wave" triptych.  This was done on those little mirrors from IKEA.  I am selling this in the gallery as a set.  Each one took about 2-1/2 hours including the grouting.

I had an interesting change in my monthly goals.  We were doing some changes in our backyard and came across some free stone slabs.  What else is there to do with free material but make a mosaic!  My husband and I were quite the team.  He framed in the stairs, tamped down the sand, layed the large square stones and I broke up and placed the rest.  Some were pretty heavy and large.  I came up with a way to break them using a medium stones edge as an "anvil".  I would then throw down a large piece and they broke pretty nice that way.  It was hot, heavy and tiring work and I can't beleive how much fun I had doing it!

Yay!-the finished product after 4 days of work

Here's a small mosaic that I started, it will be interesting with figuring out colors on this one.

Another challenge and exciting project I will be working on is a grid project.  I am part of the Buffalo Art Guild and there are 18 of us each doing an 11" x 11" square of part of the picture below.  We get to choose which medium to work with, of course my square will be a mosaic.  This project is not due until November so hopefully plenty of time.   I am looking forward to seeing all the squares come together then.  This will eventually be a community piece of art that will be displayed locally.

I will be taking a class with Yulia Hanansen on mosaicing flowers.  I am excited to meet and work with her at the Cape Cod Mosaic School.  She is a second generation mosaicist and has won many awards for her beautiful work.  This is a picture of a rosebud I took a few years ago and thought it would be interesting to do a mosaic with it for the class.

One more thing (I unfortunately did not take a picture) I am part of our Minnesota Mosaic Guild's group show in Stillwater, MN.  It is at the 310 Gallery.  We had our opening last weekend and it is an amazing show.  I feel very proud to display my mosaic art among so many talented artists.
Well...lots of challenges behind me and more to come my way in August.  That is why mosaics are such an exciting medium to work with! 

Goals for the month of August
-Finish rosebud-hopefully in the workshop
-finish small mosaic for the gallery
-Head up our mosaic guild's field trip to St Michael church-there are bueatiful mosaics by Christine Carlisle there.
-Start my large sunflower piece

Quote of  the month
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable."       -Helen Keller

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