Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monthly Mosaic Blog

This month was about finding balance with time.  How can I fit in time to do mosaics when family, house, meals,excercise and music practice are calling me also, (all priority things in my life)?  I was thinking of letting go of mosaics for a while and did not even want to blog (I can't believe I even thought that).  So onward once again and I am taking a deep breath and just enjoying each moment I can work on my art.  These are things that make up who I am-mom,wife,artist,musician, cook and I  realize that I cannot give up on any of those, I find if I do, I become numb to the pleasures in life.  I know as artists with busy lives it is hard to fit it in what we "really" want to do but if we just remember to take a deep breath and at least take 10 minutes to do a little sketch we feel like we at least accomplished something that fills us up.

Onward to mosaic info for the month and enough of that!

This is a mosaic I am currently working on-It will be called "Autumn Sail"  This will go into the gallery since we are having an Autumn theme in our "L" area as you walk into the gallery.  I am using the technique for cutting that I learned in Yulia Hannanson's class last month.  This is on Wedi Board and I am using mostly stained glass with a few buttons and mirror shards in it.
This is an area in our front outdoor entry.  Imagine that, I am thinking of doing a mosaic for myself!  I have been so caught up with making things for the competition, shows and the gallery that I have not taken time to make one for our home.  This will probably be about a 2' x 3' rectangular piece.  I am thinking of a waterfall scence with flowers and a bench.  The biggest challenge will be to make the boulders in the mosaic-how do you make rocks look like rocks, there are so many colors to them.

This is a sweet little piece that I just finished for the gallery.  It is based off my Mundo de la Musica piece.  The title of this one is Acoustic Nocturne.  I still can't get away from using the bright primaries-I am just drawn to the those colors for now.

Goals for September
-Finish Autumn Sail mosaic
-Draw up idea for entry mosaic (and hopefully start on it)
-Attend Mosaic Guild Meeting
-Attend a workshop on career planning for artists
- Start putting together a plan for the October presentation I am doing for the art guild
-Start on a small mosaic to have ready to grout for the presentation
Quote for the month
"The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time"
-Abraham Lincoln

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