Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 132!

January 5th, 2010!

I am amazed how time flies during the holiday season and how distracted we can become during this time. One thing I realize is that I need to keep plugging along at my goal of blogging and not to give this up. It is definitely is one way to keep on a path and helps see where you have come. So...even though I have not blogged in awhile I need to continue.

The last few weeks I have had a few spare moments to work on my welcome sign. It's coming along. I like how the background is turning out. Still not sure of what I am going to do around the "welcome" words. It will just be a fun little sign when you walk into my studio.

My daughter decided to make a gift for a friend. She has never mosaiced before (not sure if she will again) but she made a nice mosaiced "L" with some butterflies, very cute. I think she enjoyed the cutting and figuring out colors, but when it came to adhering it, she thought it was a little time consuming.

Today I started a smalti class with a local mosaic artist, Connie Cohen. We did an exercise on value and practiced using the tools to cut smalti (hammer and hardie, offset nippers) This will be an 8 week course and I'm very excited to finally work with smalti!
Quote of the day
"Be still and know your soul. Seek it, and when you meet it , seize it for yourself because it's worth more than gold." -Buddha

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