Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Mosaic Blog

Day 201

Well this week I was busy doing non mosaic things. I was able to fit in a little time to get a few things done though. Since I went back to the "drawing" board for the Zen project, I decided to make up an inspiration board to keep me on track with colors and the feeling I wanted to portray in this piece. I also received my Smalti and can't wait to get started on this!

This is my "Winter Moon" piece. It has been challenging working around curves and the splits between the Wedi board pieces. Not sure if I am going to grout this or not since it would be a challenge to not get grout in between-I would have to tape off each piece. I am working through a lot of issues by doing a sample before jumping into a larger version of this.

Here's the latest version of my tropical fish-I like the swirls and the brighter colors. This is what I will be mosaicing in Martin Cheek's class at SAMA (Which I can't believe I leave tomorrow!!) He made the eye and small fin in fused glass-It will be very fun to use fused glass in this piece.

Plan for the week
Wednesday-Attending 3 workshops! Hammer & Hardie w/Matteo Randi, Replicating Reality in Mosaics w/Oliver Budd, The Secrets of the Romans w/Gary Drostle
Thursday-Glass Fusion & Smalti w/ Martin Cheek
Friday-Vender's Market, Presentations and Arist Reception at Navy Pier
Saturday-Tesserae Exchange, Presentations, and Mosaic Art Salon and Auction, and Celebration Dinner/closing party
Sunday-Head home with head full of ideas!!!
Monday-Recover (ha)
Quote of the week
"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.
-Juan Mascare

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