Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 19

September 8, 2009

Back to school day! I can't believe that I have a junior and senior in high school. I still remember how I was both excited and nervous on my first days of school and its fun to see my daughters growing up and going through the same experience.

Today feels more like a beginning day for me also. I finally get some time to really focus in my art studio and don't feel the guilt of spending time in there.

I am getting very close to finishing my piece with the white flower. I never thought that the background was going to take as long as it has. I did want this finished the first week in September. Oh well.

I was not able to blog for quite a few days since we were busy with family things and had a really nice visit with family over the labor day weekend.

Quote of the day (I read this last night)
"Don't be afraid to fail, to make something ugly or what you consider to be bad. Every piece of work you create is just a step towards the next one. Every piece is an experiment, don't worry about making a masterpiece each time."
-Karen Ami

Song of the day
Sonatina in G Major-Beethoven

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