Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 20 of mosaics for a year

Day 20

September 15th, 2009

I have not been able to do much with mosaics. Life does happen and it's easy to get overwhelmed with it!

Yesterday was a grouting day and a frustrating one at that. I went to grout an old mosaic that needed two colors (which I have never done before) I was not quite sure how to attempt this. I taped off the areas I did not want white and grouted those. Then I realized that I didn't have the right blue grout for the center so I ran up to the store to see if they had the blue I wanted along with checking on grout colors to grout my next piece. I did find a blue that I liked but had to mix a little grey with it to tone it down. I did not find the right color to finish grouting "fleur blanc".

Here's how my piece turned out it's okay but I still have to clean around the shells.
I used quite a few different tesserae with it. Shells, mirror, Raku, pearls, stained glass, karma tile, vitreo and various glass tiles.

I found out how frustrating it is to grout with two colors. I know I do not want to do this too often, it takes a lot of time to tape off and the colors still end up getting under the edge a bit.

So........Now I am at a point where I have to order the right grout color for "Fleur Blanc" and start on my next project. I think I am going to do a few 8 x 8 mosaics practicing some different techniques, even trying some that I do not need to grout. I would also like to try using Smalti.

Like all of us just keep learning and plugging along.
Quote of the day
"all life is an experiment" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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