Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 29

Day 29

September 18,2009

I finally finished grouting my "Fleur Blanc".

I used 3 different colors of grout (white, light blue and black) and 10 different types of tesserae. It is always nice to finish a piece and I do like how it turned out. I was surprised at how much the color of the the light blue grout blended with the light blue. This really made the darker Cinca stand out when there really was not that much difference in color between them.

This piece is for a master bathroom that is painted in the same color green as the stems. The bedroom you see from the space is painted in the grey blue colors.

Today was an errand day. I went to j ring to purchase glass and beads for my next few projects. I somewhat started on my next one. I was cutting stained glass into diamond shapes and I am definetly learning from that experience!

Now it's off to my daughter's volleyball game!
Quote of the day
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly" -R.F. Kennedy

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  1. Beautiful, Suzanne! The use of different grouts is very effective! Congratulations!