Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 55

Day 55 of mosaics
October 20th, 2009

Well my family and I had a fun mini vacation.

Now it is back to work! I have been busy gathering and typing information for my mosaic class this weekend. I've also been continuing working on my glass on glass piece. I like how it is coming together. I was just going to stick to a blue and white theme, but I had some greenish beads that I added so I continued with adding the blue-green color. I am not sure what the name of this piece is yet but I do like the elegance of it. I have really liked my tweezers with this project!

I also received my next groutline publication-I love reading the articles they always do such a nice job. I enjoyed reading the article on Randina Casenza's Mosaic diary-she is making a 12x12 mosaic a month for a year-so sort of what I am doing! Nice to hear what she has done!
I have been forgetting to put music on my blog that I have heard and has been important in my day. Music is so important to me that I need to continue with it. Art and music go hand and hand anyway they are such a great duo!
I was listening to MPR and I love lute music so my song of the day is:
"Pinetops" by Ron McFarlane it is off the Indigo Road CD
This was a song that he composed while doing warm up exercises on his lute-I thought isn't it wonderful to have those creative moments where we let go and let the natural creative force come through!
Quote of the day
"God speaks when I'm quiet enough to listen."

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