Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 3
Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Way too beautiful of a day to be working in the studio, also we had a picnic we were
invited to at a friends cabin. Sooo nice to visit with people we have not seen for quite a while.

I did want to mention a few mosaic things today though:

1. A few days ago I received Britt Hammer-Dijcks beautiful book
MOSAIC-finding your own voice. I thank you Britt for putting together such a wonderfully inspiring book. I highly recommend it!! (I've just read part of it, but have looked through all the pictures, and I am looking forward to sitting down and reading the rest).

2. Yesterday I did discover something that was helpful for adhering small pieces to wedi board.
I did not like how thick the weldbond was coming out of the tube so I squeezed some weldbond into a small plastic bottle with a small tip on. I picked these up a few years ago at an art store, I was planning on using them for acrylic painting. These worked perfectly for squeezing a small amount of weldbond to adhere tiny pieces of vitreous tile to wediboard.

Song of the day (I was in a summery mood hanging by the lake with my hubby and good friends)
"This is home" by Lucy Kaplansky

Quote of the day
"Where there is a lack of other connections, of meaningful moments, in our lives, music can often fill the gap."
-W Somerset Maugham

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